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Equipping Learners With The Right Skills & Businesses With The Right Talent

Equipping Learners With The Right Skills & Businesses With The Right Talent

Professional Career Development

Professional Career Development

Master Your Skills To Unlock Infinite Career Opportunities

Corporate Training Programme

Corporate Training Programme

Providing Niche Technology Training Solutions & Holistic Development Programs For Your Workforce & Unleashing The Best-Trained Industry Professionals.

What We Do For Learners

ShoreWise Academy offers unmatched niche technology training and development programs that demonstrate a long-term commitment and benefit individuals in reaching their maximum potential for a prosperous and promising future.

Our career development strategies and skill development programs on niche technologies like Salesforce, RPA, Mendix, CPQ Salesforce, AWS, etc empower individuals by helping them discover and achieve what they want from their careers and life while delivering the results that are essential to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment.

What We Do For Businesses

ShoreWise boosts businesses with comprehensive corporate training programs that enhance the IT industry skills and overall development of their workforce. Our programs cover niche technologies, process management, communication, interpersonal skills, leadership, and more, leading to better engagement, lower attrition rates, and a positive work culture. We help organizations upskill their employees and drive business results with our industry-specific and holistic approach. Trust ShoreWise as your partner in investing in your workforce’s growth and development.

Our Services

Career Acceleration Program

Our hands-on programmes are custom-tailored to your employees’ requirements and include case competitions, valuation challenges, and interactive evaluations that incorporate their newly acquired knowledge.

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Workforce Career Development

Transform your workforce with the power of technology! Empower your resources with our niche technology training solutions that can help employees gain expertise to maximize the benefits of new technologies. Align your workforce career development with your business goals and stay ahead of the curve.

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Holistic Development

Make your workforce reach their full potential with our Holistic Development Program. Percolate a strong vision, business, behavioral, and leadership skills in your employees to make them capable of tackling any challenge and driving your business success.

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On-Demand Corporate Upskill

Tackling the skills gap, strengthening workforce preparation with our customized training programs, and enabling talent availability within the organization, ShoreWise Academy supports businesses and workers in all spheres.

Upgrade your workforce and meet the skill gap with our tailor-made training and development solutions without having the need to hire resources externally and improve business efficiency in this ever-changing business landscape.

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How ShoreWise Academy Can Help Learners?

We don’t just provide the training; rather we also analyze the interest of the individual and guide them towards the best career path through various technology training programs.
Specially curated Niche technology training programs backed up with industry experts help learners quickly adjust to the working environment which in turn builds self-confidence.
A skilled individual carries a higher chance of career acceleration than a non-skilled individual. Our globally acclaimed skill learning and training programs helps in increasing individuals’ efficiency which further accelerates their career.
In the ever-changing world, there is always a scope for development and upliftment. Our career development and training solutions provide you with a competitive edge over others that helps escalate your success ratio.

How ShoreWise Academy Can Help Businesses?

Our effective training and development programs can make the employees of an organization work in an efficient manner. With training, employees gain confidence and this confidence is seen in the company’s output and results.
Proper training increases the chances of obtaining promotions that satisfy employees with better opportunities. This in turn increases the loyalty of employees and thereby reduces employee attrition in the organization.
From planning smart apps to adopting artificial intelligence, learning how to use new technologies and tools can dramatically reduce the time an employee takes to complete everyday tasks, as productivity is essential for profitability.
Targeting employees with future leadership skills is critical to building a business that attracts growth and development. Our niche technology training and holistic development programs cultivate your employees as per your future business needs.

Why Choose ShoreWise Academy?


Incorporate In-Demand Skills

Update yourself and your workforce with in-demand niche technology skills.


Objective-Based Training

Get specially designed programs that align with your objectives.


Recognized Certifications

Get globally recognized certifications that open the doors of progressive opportunities.


Guaranteed Results

Our result-oriented training and development programs guarantee the overall upliftment of the individual as well as the organization.


Training By Experts

World-class trainers back these training and development programs with the right knowledge, specific industry insights, and related experience which amplifies the effectiveness.


What Our Clients Say

Arwin John

I reached out to ShoreWise to plan and deliver a customized sales training course for our sales and marketing team. I have to say that ShoreWise far exceeded my expectations.

Emily Scott

ShoreWise Academy can be recommended as a reliable, high-quality training provider. They helped me in accelerating the undertaking of my business through effective employee training and development programs.

Arnold Sheafer

This on-demand training program helped my employees in escalating their efficiency, improving communication and knowledge, building profitable relationships, and being more productive within my team. No doubt they are the best workforce development company.

Chris Emerald

Just wanted to say thanks for such a great career acceleration program that helped me in identifying my capabilities and engraved enough confidence that drove me toward a prosperous future.

Shawn Brown

The best thing about ShoreWise Academy is that they don’t just offer similar programs to everyone, rather they customize development programs as per the individual’s requirement.

    Gain accredited and most-in-demand
    skills and accelerate your career!

    Meet Our Experts

    Mansi Chaturvedi

    Vice President - Shared Operations

    Rakesh Bhatia

    Director, Strategy

    Irfan Kadri

    Global Sales Head

    Umar Farooq

    Director, Canada, LATAM & Europe

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